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LKAD380P 360W 12/24V 30A/17A 0-10V Dimming LED drivers
  • LKAD380P 360W 12/24V 30A/17A 0-10V Dimming LED drivers

LKAD380P 360W 12/24V 30A/17A 0-10V Dimming LED drivers

  • Product model : LKAD380P
  • Input voltage : 200-240Vac
  • Output power(W) : 360W
  • Output voltage : 12Vdc/24Vdc
  • Output current(A) : 30A/17A
  • Light adjustment : Constant voltage 0-10V Dimming
  • Size(MM) : 288x72x45mm
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LKAD380P 360W constant voltage 12/24V 30A/17A 0-10V Dimming LED drivers


  • 200-240VAC(50/60Hz) Input
  • High efficiency, high power factor, high stability, high light ratio
  • Constant Voltage 12V/24V
  • Short circuit,over voltage,over current and over temperature protection;
  • Remote control performance is stable, any angle direction can be controlled.
  • independent, ClassⅡ constant current type;
  • degree of protection IP67;
  • can be achieved Lighting,ceiling light,down light and panel light;
  • 3 years warranty.

More Details

Model LKAD350D-C
输入             Input 输入电压范围/Input Voltage range 120-240V
频率/Frequency 50/60hz
谐波/THD ≤10%/240VAC
功率因数/Power factor >0.98
输入电流 Input current(mA) 1990MA
待机功耗 stand_by power ≦1.6W
浪涌电流 Inrush Current(Max.) ≤30A@240VAC
漏电流 Leakage Current <1MA/240V
输出      Output 额定电压/Rated voltage 23.6V
空载电压/No-load Voltage 24V
工作电流范围/Operating current range 0-18A
额定电流/Rated current 18A
电压精度/Voltage accuracy (+/-)1%
额定功率/Rated power 400W
开机延时/Setup Time ≤0.5s/230VAC
输出线性调整率Output Line Regulation ±2%
温度漂移temperature drift ±5%
保护特性 开路保护Output open circuit protection 有 Enable
短路保护Short Circuit Protection 打嗝模式/Hiccup mode
使用环境    Environment Requirements 工作温度/湿度要求                    Operating Temp./RH -30~+45℃/20~95%
储存温度,湿度要求                   Storage Temp./RH  -40~+80℃/10~95%
安全和电磁兼容 Safety & EMC 认证编号/Certificate 符合CE
耐压 withstand voltage 4KV
绝缘阻抗insulation resistance 500V>100M
浪涌等级EMS immunity IEC6100-4-5(L-N:1KV)
安规标准Safety standard EN61347,GB19510
电磁干扰electromagnetic interference EN55015,EN61000-3-2
电磁抗干扰Electromagnetic Susceptibility EN61000-4-
IP等级说明 IP level description IP65
质保说明Warranty instructions 3年/3 years
尺寸/Size 288x72x45mm

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