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Trade war not aligned with the world's future: official

Date:2018/9/25 16:34:48      Visits:      Source:www.linkuan.com      Author:Linkuan

Guide Reading:Linkuan Power also would like to pursue better development together with other countries.

Any forms of war make people pay the price, Fu Ziying, China International Trade Representative

and Vice Minister of Commerce, said at a press conference on Tuesday in Beijing.

He was responding to a question if there are any solutions for the trade war with the US.

There is a misunderstanding about China that it still has tens of millions people living in poverty,on

the contrary, poverty alleviation is one of the country's priority tasks, Fu said when asked if talks are

meaningless for the China-US trade which has been widely regarded as the US putting brakes on China's

economic ascent.

China has a large economy and trade volume, but its per capita income is relatively low, he said, adding

that the middle and west of the country still has a severe poverty problem.

Curbing others' development and causing conflicts are not in line with human development path, he said,

noting that China would like to pursue better development together with other countries.

The article source: https://news.cgtn.com/news/3d3d774d3349444e7a457a6333566d54/share_p.html

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