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What is Dali dimming power

Date:2016/4/30 9:59:57      Visits:      Source:www.linkuan.com      Author:Linkuan

Guide Reading:To understand Dali dimmer power supply, you must first know what DALI is. DALI is an acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface"

To understand Dali dimmer power supply, you must first know what DALI is. DALI is an acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", which translates to "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface". It is an international public lighting control communication protocol, which stipulates the digital communication control mode between electronic ballast, control unit and various sensors. In other words, DALI is a protocol dedicated to lighting control. The current DALI association, which covers nearly 120 companies in the lighting and lighting industry, is a member of the DALI association. Due to the energy saving, new solutions and LED lighting control system understanding of growing demand, DALI has become more important than ever, DALI, DALI adjustable light power supply the adjustable optical-intensity system will become the trend of the dimmer.

Through above, I believe that there is a certain understanding of DALI. What is the DALI dimming system and DALI dimming power supply?

The Dali system is basically composed of master control, control, and bus power. The features of DALI system include: adopting the master slave architecture, a host can mount up to 64 machines. The host communicates through the DALI bus and DALI protocol; Each from the machine can be addressed separately; Each machine can store 16 lighting scenes; The same machine can be programmed in one or more groups, with the maximum number of 16. So is DALI very powerful? Seemingly complex and powerful system, but the wiring and installation of wires, also non-polarity when installation requirements, requires only isolated from the main power line and control line, the line of control without blocking.

After learning about DALI system, it's easy to learn more about DALI dimming power supply. Dali dimming power supply is part of building Dali system. The components of the DALI system are: DALI Master control, DALI BUS power supply, DALI group control panel, DALI scene control panel, DALI dimming power supply. As a member of the Dali association, otchis has a decade of experience in led lighting and control, which can provide a full range of solutions and component products to customers. For example, the DALI, DALI, DALI, DALI glass control panel: DALI- P02, DALI bus power supply: DALI -130, and a wide range of constant voltage constant current decoder and DALI dimmer power series products. DALI dimming power products cover constant pressure, constant current, constant power products, complete variety.

The chase DALI dimming power supply and can be divided into DALI constant voltage and constant current drive, dimmers and drive, follow the DALI standard protocol IEC62386. Support TouchDIM DALI adjustable light power supply, can be manually adjustable light, support multiple circuit protection, adjustable light smooth and jitter, 0-100% brightness adjustment, DALI dimming power supply series products of efficiency is as high as ninety percent above, truly green energy saving! At present, more than 200 five-star hotels have chosen ochas DALI to adjust the power supply.

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