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Trade war not aligned with the world's future...

[ 2018-09-25 ]
Linkuan Power also would like to pursue better development together with other countries.

Who we are???

[ 2018-09-21 ]

0-10V dimming, Triac dimmming, 2.4G Wireless control dimming, DALI dimming,

Dimmable led power supply manufacturer

Built-in Power LED Introduction

[ 2018-01-06 ]
Korean designer uses advanced chip IC, CE certified products have had. Very low failure rate.

Features of LED drives

[ 2018-01-06 ]
According to the electricity regulation of the power grid and the characteristics of LED power supply, the following points should be taken into consideration when selecting and designing the LED power supply

What is Dali dimming power

[ 2016-04-30 ]
To understand Dali dimmer power supply, you must first know what DALI is. DALI is an acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface"

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